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Acacias for the Hot Dry Subtropics

Acacia angustissima - a promising species for agroforestry?
Acacia aneura - a desert fodder tree
Acacia auriculiformis - a multipurpose tropical wattle
Acacia holosericea - a successful newcomer for the dry tropics
Acacia koa- Hawaii's most valued native tree
Acacia leucophloea - shade and fodder for livestock in arid environments
Acacia mangium - an important multipurpose tree for the tropic lowlands
Acacia mearnsii - multipurpose highland legume tree
Acacia nilotica - pioneer for dry lands
Acacia saligna - for dryland fodder and soil stabilization
Acacia senegal - gum tree with promise for agroforestry
Acacia seyal - multipurpose tree of the Sahara desert
Acacia tortilis- fodder tree for desert sands
Actinorhizal   - trees useful in cool to cold regions
Adenanthera pavonina - an underutilized tree of the humid tropics
Albizia lebbeck - a promising fodder tree for semi-arid regions
Albizia odoratissima - Tea Shade Tree
Albizia procera - white siris for reforestation and agroforestry
Albizia saman - pasture improvement, shade, timber and more
Alnus acuminata - valuable timber tree for tropical highlands
Alnus nepalensis - a multipurpose tree for the tropical highlands
Andira inermis - more than a beautiful ornamental tree
Azadirachta indica - neem, a versatile tree for the tropics and subtropics
Cajanus cajan it's more than just a pulse crop
Calliandra calothyrsus - an Indonesian discovery for humid tropical regions
Casuarina species - difficult sites are home to casuarina
Casuarina cunninghamiana - the river she-oak
Casuarina equisetifolia- an old-timer with a new future
Casuarina glauca - a hardy tree with many attributes
Casuarina junghuhniana - a highly adaptable tropical casuarina
Chamaecytisus palmensis - hardy, productive fodder shrub
Dalbergia latifolia - the high-valued Indian rosewood
Dalbergia melanoxylon - valuable wood from a neglected tree
Dalbergia sissoo - the versatile rosewood
Elaeagnus - a widely distributed temperate nitrogen fixer
Enterolobium cyclocarpum - the ear pod
Erythrina edulis - multipurpose tree for the tropical highlands
Erythrina poeppigiana - shade tree gains new perspectives
Erythrina sandwicensis - Unique Hawaiian NFT
Erythrina variegata - more than a pretty tree
Faidherbia albida - inverted phenology supports dryzone agroforestry
Flemingia macrophyla - a valuable species in soil conservation
Gleditsia triacanthos- honeylocust, widely adapted temperate zone fodder tree
Gliricidia sepium - the quintessential agroforestry species
Gmelina arborea - a popular plantation species in the tropics
Grevillea robusta
- a versatile and popular tree for farm forestry
Growing Gliricidia
Guazuma ulmifolia - widely adapted tree for fodder and more
Hippophaë rhamnoides - an NFT valued for centuries
Honey Mesquite - a multipurpose tree for arid lands
Hymenaea courbaril - the flour tree
Inga edulis - a tree for acid soils in the humid tropics
Juliflorae acacias - new food source for the Sahel
Improving Markets for Farm Forestry Products
Leucaena species - an important multipurpose tree
Leucaena diversifolia - fast growing highland NFT species
Growing Leucaena
Leucaena leucocephala - a versatile nitrogen fixing tree
Leucaena psyllids - a review of the problem and its solutions
Mimosa scabrella- the tree that fueled the railroads of Brazil
Moringa oleifera - a perfect tree for home gardens
Myroxylon - balsam and much more
NFT Gums - ancient and modern commerical products
Olneya tesota - a potential food crop for hot arid zones
Ougeinia dalbergioides- a multipurpose tree for sub-tropical and tropical mountain regions
Paraserianthes falcataria- Southeast Asia's growth champion
Pentaclethra macrophylla - a multipurpose tree from Africa with potential for agroforestry in the tropics
Pithecellobium dulce - sweet and thorny
Pongamia pinnata - a nitrogen fixing tree for oilseed
Prosopis alba and Prosopis chilensis- subtropical semiarid fuel and fodder trees
Prosopis cineraria - a multipurpose tree for arid areas
Prosopis pallida - pioneer species for dry, saline shores
Prosopis tamarugo - uniquely adapted to the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile
Pterocarpus erinaceus
- an important legume tree in African savannas
Pterocarpus indicus - the majestic N-fixing tree
Robinia pseudoacacia- temperate legume tree with worldwide potential
Senna siamea - a widely used legume tree
Sesbania grandiflora - NFT for beauty, food, fodder and soil improvement
Sesbania sesban - widely distributed multipurpose NFT
Ziziphus mauritiana - a valuable tree for arid and semi-arid lands
Why Nitrogen Fixing Trees?
Use of neem as a Biological Pest Control agent