Agroforestry for the Pacific Technologies: Fact Sheets

1. Why Agroforestry
2. Hedgerow Intercropping for Upland Root Crop Systems
3. Managing Organic Matter:  Composting and Mulching
4. Nitrogen Fixing Trees as Atoll Soil Builders
5. Windbreaks for the Pacific Islands
6. Intercropping Coconuts with Nitrogen Fixing Trees
7. Pasture/Livestock Production Under Coconuts
8. Fodder Bank Establishment and Management
9. Fuelwood Production in the South Pacific
10.Selecting and Testing Nitrogen Fixing Trees for Acid Soils
11.Trees and Shurbs for Agroforestry on Atolls
12.Seed Treatment and Inoculation
13.Community-based Tree Seed Production with Desmodium rensonii and Flemingia macrophylla
14.Seed Production Guidelines for Tropical Tree Legumes
15.Understory Cropping with Pogosteman cablin: Raw Material for Rural Enterprise
16.Moringa oleifera: A Perfect Tree for Home Gardens
17.Tamarindus indica: A Widely Adapted, Multipurpose Fruit Tree

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