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Leucaena Research Reports, Volume 7, 1986.







Part l-A.   Invitational Papers

Brewbaker, J.L.    Perspectives on the psyllid problem.   p. 1

Beardsley, J.    Psyllidae or jumping plant lice: Notes on biology and control.  p. 2

Mitchell, W.C. and Douglas F. Waterhouse.    Spread of the Leucaena psyllid, Heteropsylla

cubana, in the Pacific.   p. 6

Nakahara, Larry M. and George Y. Funasaki.   Natural enemies of the Leucaena Psyllid,

Heteropsylla Cubana Crawford (Homoptera: Psyllidae)   p. 9

Sorensson, Charles and James L. Brewbaker.    Resistance of Leucaena species and hybrids.  p. 13


Part 1-B. Other Psyl1id Reports

NFTA Staff.   Leucaena psyllids -The problem and proposed solution.    p.16

Hsieh, Huann-Ju, Yu-Cheng Chang and Fuh-Jiunn Pan.   Entomogenous fungi as a factor in

biological control of leucaena psyllids in Taiwan.   p. 18

Lowry, J.B., E.A. Sumpter and R.G. Megarrity.  Does the leucaena psyllid metabolize mimosine?  p. 19

Thomas, P.O. and W. Liebregts.  Depredation of Leucaena leucocephala by psyllids in Western

Samoa. p. 21


Section 2.        CONTRIBUTED PAPERS



Rahman, M.H. and M.L. Dewan.  Effects of Leucaena leucocephala seed meal on ducks.  p. 24



Cardoso, Edwardo Penteado. Performance of young bulls grazing leucaena pastures in Brazil.  p. 26

Hut ton, E.M. and F.B. de Souza.  Degeneration of Cunningham leucaena in an acid oxisol.  p. 28



Naidu, R. A glasshouse study of the effect of lime and phosphorus on the growth of Leucaena

leucocephala in an oxisol.   p. 31



Arora, S.K. and U.N. Joshi.   Lignification of leucaena leaves during growth and its relationship

with mimosine content.   p. 34

Dayama, O.P.   Allelopathic potential of Parthenium h~steroQhorus r.inn. on the growth,

nodulation and nitrogen content of Leucaena leucoceQhala.   p. 36

Dutt, A.K. and Urrnila Pathania.    I.   Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on seedling growth and

nodulation in leucaena.    II. Effects of different nutrients on the growth of leucaena.   p. 38

Gupta, V.K.   Hybrid vigour in intervarietal crosses of Leucaena leucocephala.    p.42

Gupta, V.K., N. Kewalramani, K.S. Ramachandra and V.S. Upadhyay.   Evaluation of leucaena

species and hybrids in relation to growth and chemical composition.   p.43

Hegde, N.G, L.L. Relwani and B.N. Lahane.  Leucaena leucocephala (K8) as a roadside plant.  p. 46

Joshi, H.K., A. Kumar and S.T.   Ahmad.  Diseases of Leucaena in India.   p. 48

Joshi, U.N., S.K. Arora and R.S. Paroda.    Profile of mimosine during growth of Leucaena

leucocephala.   p. 51

Khan, T.A. and P.S. Pathak.   Biomass prediction models in Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de

Wit plantations.   p. 53

Kumar, S., A. Singh, V.K. Sareen and S. Singh.   Mimosine degrading enzyme from leucaena

leaves.   p. 55

Mohammad, G., J.N. Dube, M.S. Johar and B. Sachidanand.    Accumulation of biomass in natural

undergrowth under Leucaena leucocephala stands.  p. 58

Nalini, P.A., M.S. Byra Reddy and D.J. Bagyaraj.   Selection of an efficient VA mycorrhizal fungus

for leucaena -a preliminary report.   p. 61

Pahwa, M.R.   Symbiotic efficiency of leucaena rhizobium strains on host cultivars.  p. 63

Pathak, P.S.   Mortality in leucaena due to Ganoderma lucidum.  p. 65

Pathak, P.S. and S.K. Gupta.   Preliminary evaluation of leucaena populations on saline sodic

wastelands.   p. 66

Pawar, C.S.   A beetle pest on Leucaena.   p. 61

Singh, S.S. and G.S. Paliwal.   Growth and germination sensitivity of Leucaena leucocephala to

different continuous and fractionated doses of gamma rays.  p. 68

Singh, S.S. and G.S. Paliwal.   Influence of ethylhydrogen-l-propylphosphonate (Niagara) on

seed germination and early seedling growth of Leucaena Leucocephala.   p. 70

Vioayakumar, K.R., George Mammen, G. Gopinatha Pillal and V.K. Vamadevan. Alley cropping

of leucaena in coconut gardens in western ghats of India: yields of dry matter and organic

nitrogen.   p. 72



Komari.   Reduction in phytic acid in leucaena seeds by fermentation.  p. 75

Komari and Dewi Sabita Slamet.   Effect of alkali on tannin content of leucaena seeds.   p. 77

Siregar, Chairil Anwar.  Growth responses of Leucaena leucocepha cv. K28 to soil pH and

plant density.  p. 79

Siregar, Chairil Anwar, Taulana Sukandi and Nurhadi Djaingsastro.   Growth of Swietenia

macrophylla and intercropped Leucaena leucocephala in the residual forest of Melaleuca

leucadendron.   p. 82

Tangendjaja, B. and Sarmanu.   Effect of leucaena leaf meal and pure mimosine on sexual maturity

of layers.    p. 83



Hongo, F. and S. Tawata.   Reduction of mimosine in leucaena by silage treatment.   p. 85

Tawata, S. and F. Hongo.   Effect of various kinds of acids and bases on the mimosine

permeability in a dialysis membrane and absorption in the small intestine of swine.  p. 86



Osman, Azad M.    Hydro-foam leucaena seedlings.    p. 88

Osman, Azad M. Leaf:stem ratio in leucaena -A final report.   p. 91



Lara-Fernandez, V. and R. Ferrera-Cerrato. Study of the vesicular arbuscular endomycorrhizal

–Leucaena leucocephala symbiosis.   p. 94



Moat, M. and N. Sriskandarajah.   Performance of broiler chicks fed heat-and iron-treated

leucaena leaf meal.    p. 97

Sriskandarajah, N. and M. Komolong.   Mimosine tolerance of sheep and goats fed leucaena in

Papua New Guinea.    p. 99



Quintana, Sofio B.   Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit. as a nurse species for immediate

reforestation of watershed areas in the Philippines.   p. 102



El Wakeel, A.S.    Effects of temperature and total irradiance on growth, biomass, nodulation,

and acetylene reduction by Leucaena leucocephala.   p. 103



Russo, Sandra L.  Intoduction of Leucaena leucocephala as a forage and alley crop in The Gambia.  p. 105



Acamovic, Thomas, J.P. Felix D'Mel1o and Fiona M. Renwick.   The presence of saponins in

leucaena leaf meal and seeds.   p. 106

Anderson, D.M.W.   Gum exudation by Leucaena leucocephala.   p. 108

Hughes, C.E.   A new leucaena from Guatemala.   p. 110



Brewbaker, J.L.  The search for self-incompatible L leucoceghala: Theoretical considerations. p. 114

Conklin, Alfred R.   Leucaena growth on basic soils.   p. 117

Glumac, Edward Lee.   Biomass production, survival and cold tolerance of three species of

leucaena in South Texas.   p. 11 9



Luyindula N. and L. Karabaranga.   Preliminary studies on the symbiotic association between

rhizobium and Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit in Zaire.   p. 121


Section 3.        REVIEW OF PUBLICATIONS.    p. 123


Section 4.        SUBJ ECT INDEX.   p. 126


Section 5.        LEUCAENA SEED DEALERS.    p. 128


Section 6.        ERRATA FOR LRR6 , 1985.   p. 129