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Leucaena Research Reports, Volume 6, 1985




    Gutteridge, R.C.Alley cropping leucaena with kenaf (Hibiscus cannabis)p.1
    Jones, R.J., C.W. Ford and R.G. Megarrity.Conversion of 3,4 DHP to
            2,3 DHP by rumen bacteriap. 3
    Jones, R.J., J.B. Lowry and R.G. Megarrity.Transfer of DHP-degrading
            Bacteria from adapted to unadapted ruminantsp.5
    Jones, R.M.Effect of nitrogen and inoculum levels on establishment and
            Nodilation of leucaenap.8
    Ruaysoongnern, S., H.M.Shelton and D.G. Edwards.Effect of pot size on growth
            of Leucaena leuccocephala cv. Cunningham p.11


Faria, S.M. de, R.M. de Jesus and A.A. Franco.Field establishment of nodulated
Leucaena leucoceQhala K72    p. l4
Hutton, E.M. and F. Beni de Sousa.Acid-soil tolerant leucaena especially for
                     Brasilian cerrados   p. 17
Deppner, Dave.Bare stem transplanting of leucaena in Honduras p.20
Badve, V.C., A.L. Joshi, D.V. Rangnekar and B.S. Waghmare.Mimosine
metabolism in cattle fed Leucaena leucocephala p. 22
Bhatia, Neelam and Promila Kapoor.Regulation of branch numbers and dispersion in
Leucaena leucocephala: stand density effect p. 23
Chandrasekharan, P. and M. Govindaswamy.Occurrence of mimosine in the leaves
of some species of leucaena and hybrid derivatives of L. diversifolia and L. leucocephalap. 25
Chandrasekharan, P. and L. Damothiran.Seeds of leucaena as a source of concentrate feed for milk
cowsp. 29

Dhawan, Vibha and Sant S. Bhojwani. Polyembryony in Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Witp. 32

Gill, A.S. and B.D. Patil.Agroforestry studies of leucaena with sugarcane p. 35

Gill, A.S. and B.D. Patil.Intercropping studies with leucaena under intensive fodder production

programme p. 36

Krishnamurthy, K., M.K. Munegowda and B.B. Biradar.Preliminary studies on gum exudation in

Leucaena leucocephala p. 38

Mohatkar, L.C. and L.L. Relwani.Effect of plant population, stubble height and number of cuttings

on the growth, seed, forage and firewood production of leucaena K8 p. 40

Natarahan, K. Kailash Paliwal and A. Gnanam.Diurnal course of CO2 exchange in Leucaena

leucocephala var. K8 in the semiarid climate of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India p. 42

Pathak, P.S. and B.D. Patil.Growth of Leucaena leucocephala compared to 4 native species in

India p. 46

            Pathak, P.S.Leucaena leaf manuring and yield of oatsp. 47

Relwani, L.L., B.N. Lahane, D.Y. Khandale and S.S. Deshmukh.I. Performance of Leucaena

leucoceohala on mountainous waste lands under dry land conditions. II. Economics of growing L.

leucocephala on mountainous waste lands under rain fed conditionsp. 49
Relwani, L.L., B.N. Lahane, D.Y. Khandale and L.C. Mohatkar.I. Performance of Leucaena
leucocephala on mountainous waste lands-recycling of rain water.II. Economics of wood
production per hectarep. 51
Sethu, Ponnammal, Kailash Paliwal and A. Gnanam.Some phenological observations in a two year
old leucaena plantation p. 53
Solanki, K.R., S.K. Jindal, N.L. Kackar and B.L. Jain.Performance of Leucaena leucoceohala
(Lam.) de wit varieties using saline water for irrigation p. 54

Waghmare, B.S., A.L. Joshi, and D.V. Rangnekar. The nutritive value of leucaena seeds for cattle p. 56


Mawardi AM, Achmad.The general uses of lamtoro (leucaena) in Indonesia p. 57
Parera, Viator.Cattle stables between leucaena rowsp. 59


Thompson, D.A.Leucaena leucocephala trials in Jamaicap. 60


Banda, J.L.L. and J.A. Ayoade.Leucaena leucocephala cv. Peru leaf hay as a protein supplement for
goats fed chopped maize stoverp. 65


Hawkins, Thomas.Leucaena variety trial in Nepal p. 66


Raurela, M. and R.J. Jones.Degradation of DHP in cattle in Papua New Guineap. 68
Sriskandarajah, N., B.J.K. Bakau, R.E. Abdelsamie and K.G. Galgal.Evaluation of leucaena leaf meal
in poultry diets in Papua New Guinea p. 70
Young, C.C. and C.C. Chao.Persistence of leucaena rhizobium isolates in carriersp.73


Acamovic, Thomas and J.P. Felix D'Mello.Mimosine and 3,4-Dihydroxypyridine analysis by HPLC
with electrochemical detection p. 75
D'Mello, J.P. Felix and Thomas Acamovic.Leucaena as a source of xanthophyll pigments for poultry p. 76
Brewbaker, James L.Revisions in the systematics of the genus Leucaena p. 78
Brewbaker, James L.The genetic vulnerability of single variety plantations of leucaena p. 8l
Denton, Frank H. and Tom Nickell.I. Field measurements of giant leucaena growth--Philippines.
II. Rainfall and the growth of giant leucaena. III. Leucaena size distribution and prediction of
fast growers p. 82
Evensen, C.I.Effects of season on forage yield variation in leucaenap. 88
Habte, M. and Samir A. El-Swaify.The influence of simulated erosion on N2 fixation and growth of
leucaenap. 91

Raharjo, Y.C., P.R. Cheeke and Supriyatik.The nutritive value of leucaena leaf for rabbitsp. 92

South, W.T. and M. Habte.The influence of starter nitrogen and mycorrhizal inoculation on the

post-transplanting performance of leucaenap. 95

Taufiqul, A. and M. Habte.Interaction of leucaena with Glomus fasciculatum in a typical oxisolp. 97


Angulo Chacon, Ivan.Preliminary evaluation of the pigment value of two leucaena varieties in the layer
diet p. 99
Hollingsworth, R.G. R.I. Thomas and W. Liebregts.New psyllid pest on leucaena in Western Samoap. 100


Section 2.REVIEWS OF PUBLICATIONS     p. 103

2-1. Tree Leucaena -Permanent high quality pastures.

John H. Wildinp. 103

2-2. Alley Cropping: A stable alternative to shifting cultivation.

B.T. Rang, G.F. Wilson and T.L. Lawsonp. 103

2-3. Leucaena: A versitile plant.

Gerald Proverbsp. 104

2-4. Leucaena leucocephala -Un analisis economico.

Paredes Vallejo, Antonio J. and Ivan Manuel Ruiz F p. 104

Section 3.SUBJ ECT INDEX    p. 105

Section 4. LEUCAENA SEED DEALERS    p. 107