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Leucaena Research Reports, Volume 5, 1984.




Section 1.        CONTRIBUTED PAPERS   p .1



            Ayerza, R.   Introduction of Leucaena leucocephala in the arid chaco of Villa Dolores, Argentina.   p. 1



            Ford, C.W., R.G. Megarrity and G.V. Meehan.   2,3-DHP, a novel Mimosine metabolite.         p.2

Isarasenee, A., H.M. Shelton, R.M. Jones and G.A. Bunch.   Accumulation of edible forage of Leucaena leucocephala cv. Peru over late summer and autumn for use as dry season feed.             p. 3



            Szyszka, M, U. ter Meulen, Boonlom Cheva-Isarakul, S. Posri, and N. Potikanond.   Results of research

on leucaena as an animal feed In West Germany.   p. 5



Akbar, M.A. and P.C. Gupta.   Effect of feeding Leucaena leucocephala on the growth rate, nutrient

utilization, ruminal metabolites and some blood parameters in buffalo calves.       p. 12

Akbar, M.A. and P.C. Gupta.   Nutrient composition of different cutivars of Leucaena Leucocephala.    p. 14

Arora, S.K. and U.N. Joshi.   Chemical composition of leucaena seeds.  p. 16

Bhatia, Neelam and Promila Kapoor.   Neighbor interaction between Leucaena Leucocephala and

Acacia nilotica mixed plantation in Punjab.         p. 18

Chacko, K.C., E. Muhammad and T.G. Alexander.    Effect of farmyard manure, rock phosphate and

lime on growth and yield of Leucaena leucocephala var. K28.       p. 20

Datta, S.K. and Karabi Datta.   Clonal multiplication of 'elite' trees--Leucaena leucocephala through

tissue culture.    p. 22

Gill, A.S. and B.D. Patil.   Crop association studies in leucaena under rainfed conditions.            p. 24

Gill, A.S. and B.D. Patil.    Leucaena leaves as a source of manure.       p. 26

Gupta, V.K. and B.D. Patil.    Performance of the leucaena species and hybrids .           p. 27

Gupta, V.K. and B.D. Patil.    A simple technique of hand emasculation in Leucaena leucocephala.        p. 29

Hegde, N.G.    Gummosis of leucaena leucocephala.     p. 31

Joshi, U.N. and S.K. Arora.   Fatty acid spectrum of Leucaena leucocephala during growth.      p. 33

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leucocephala.    p. 35

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Matthew, Anne and P.V. Rai.   Mimosine content of leucaena and its effect on the Rhizobium spp.   p. 40

Mohatkar, L.C. Studies on growth rate of Leucaena leucocephala variety -Hawaiian giant K8.   p. 41

Ponnammal, N.R. and A. Gnanam.   Influence of water stress on mimosine in Leucaena leucocephala

(Lam) de Wit.  p. 42

Raina, A.K. Comparative performance of leucaena species Indian semi-arid conditions.    p. 43

Raina, A.K., B.N. Labane and H.L. Gadekar.    Initial evaluation of Leucaena leucocephala cultivars

for fodder production    p. 45

Rao, Y. V.    Leucaena plantations--a farming experience          p. 48



Lowry, J.B., T.S. Gouw and B. Tangendjaja.    Simple methods for insulation of mimosine and DHP

from leucaena leaves     p. 50

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monogastric animals   p. 55

Tangendjaja, B., J.B. Lowry and I.P. Kompiang.   Feeding of leucaena leaf meal does not affect plasma

cholesterol of chicks     p. 57



Kehoe, M.M. Observations on the effect of hormones and leucaena on growth of buffaloes       p. 58



Alvarez, F.R. and A.C. Alferez.   The effect of intercropped Leucaena leucocephala (Lam) deWit as

organic fertilizer on the growth and yield of corn   p. 59



Froidevaux, L.   Stimulation of fructification of leucaena by rhizobial inoculation.   p.60



Liyanage, L.V.K. and M. de S. Liyanage.    Leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala) as a shade tree in

young coconut plantations.        p.  61



Chang, Jiann-Chyun and Tao Chen. Two kinds of diseases of Leucaena leucocephala in Eastern

Taiwan   p. 64

Hu, Ta-Wei, Wei-Er Cheng and Tse-An Shen.   Changes in soil nutrients after forage harvest of Leucaena

leucocephala     p. 66

Young, C.C. and C.C. Chao.    Persistence of Leucaena rhizobium NIF 94A~ in Taiwan liming soil       p. 68



Bhumibhamon, S., P. Boonarutee, J. Luangjame and W. Thavorn.    Coppicing of Leucaena leucocephala

(Lam) deWit    p. 70



Acamovic, Thomas and J.P. Felix D'Mello.   Trans-aminase activity in the serum of chicks fed leucaena

leaf meal (LLM)   p. 72

Acamovic, Thomas and J.P. Felix D'Mello.   Trypsin inhibition by leucaena leaf meal, leucaena seeds and

Mimosine   p. 74



Glumac, E.G. and Peter Felker.   Evaluation of leucaena for biofuel and forage production         p. 76

Hansen, Elise H. and D.N. Munns. Screening of Leucaena leucocephala for NaCl tolerance       p. 77

Huang, Ruey-Shang and R.L. Fox.   Use of single leaflets to track the effectiveness of mycorrhizae

associated with leucaena           p. 79

Kleinjans, J.K. Mineral composition of Leucaena leucocephala foliage   p. 82

Othman, A.B. and G.M. Prine.  Biomass and energy productivity of leucaena under humid subtropical

Conditions        p. 84

Othman, A.B. and G.M. Prine.   Leucaena accessions resistant to jumping plant lice       p. 86

Pan, Fuh-Jiunn. Tetraploidy in Leucaena diversifolia      p. 88

Sorensson, C.T. and J.L. Brewbaker.   Newly introduced psyllid in Hawaii injurious to leucaena   p. 91

Sorensson, C.T., Fuh-Jiunn Pan, J.L. Booman and J.L. Brewbaker.   Interspecific hybridization in the genus

Leucaena          p. 94

Telek, Lehel and Kelvin Cruz Garcia.  Determination of procyanidins in fresh Leucaena leucocePhala

Leaves    p. 96

Van Den Beldt, R.J.   Effect of irrigation on growth of leucaena stands   p. 99



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            Texas   p.105


Section 3.        FIVE YEAR SUBJECT INDEX       p. 106


Section 4.        LEUCAENA SEED DEALERS        p. 109